Valleydale Christian Church and Academy was founded in 1998. Our first student and graduate was our youngest son who was a senior in a public school when we decided we were wasting our time and energy in an unfriendly and dangerous environment. We couldn’t find a cover school that would accept seniors, so we spent quite a bit of time tying legal loose ends to form a church and private church school acceptable for home education that would meet the requirement of the law. Thus, Valleydale Academy was born. Valleydale Christian Church and Academy is a cover school, or umbrella school, for people who wish to educate their children at home. Our church school began with the mission to offer a safe haven to any families who needed guidance in pursuing home-based education. Our students follow the guidelines necessary to successfully graduate, pursue college, and take necessary SAT and ACT testing, while under the tutelage of their parents and the academic guidance of our school. We stand as the liaison between you and the Board of Education in your community in case of truancy or attendance issues. We try to make your time with us enjoyable and convenient while maintaining a standard of excellence for home education. We are also open to families who travel, are in the military, or are missionaries and cannot be near a local school for an extended period of time.


Susan Hubbard


Ready to get started?

We accept enrollment year-round, so feel free to contact us even if you are in the middle of a semester. We will mail you an enrollment packet, or you may pick up an enrollment packet at our office, but we ask that you call for our office hours schedule to ensure someone is available when you come by.

ValleydaleAcademy@yahoo.com | (205) 987-6286